Pure, Pristine, Perfect.


Refreshingly pure, Al-Ulum natural mineral water is extracted from a geologically protected aquifer located on the grounds of our Madrasah. 

The water undergoes aeration and filtration to remove all traces of particulate matter and iron before being bottled at our on-site bottling facility, ensuring clean and uncontaminated drinking water in every bottle.


Ensuring our status as authentic and natural mineral water is our careful maintenance of essential constituents that give our water its unique mineral properties, where we avoid any processes that alter the original physicochemical properties of the water.


This leaves you to enjoy invigorating and pure 100% halal bottled water that’s rich in minerals and microbiologically safe for everyone to consume. 

Naturally Fresh and Fragrant


Made from a plant-based formula, our natural and 100% halal laundry detergent is made without harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation and damage your clothes over time. 


Our liquid detergent is also made without any animal products to ensure it’s ideal for everyone from all walks of life. 


Al-Ulum’s line of quality laundry detergent is effective and economical - gentle on your skin and clothes, but capable of removing even the toughest of stains. The result is clean and vibrant clothes that smell wonderfully fragrant and feel amazingly soft.

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